Console.Warren() Podcast
Console.Warren() Podcast
#11 Starting Later in Life as a Developer

#11 Starting Later in Life as a Developer

Are you a “senior” junior developer? Today we talk about late bloomers, those of us who became software engineers later in life. I’ll cover seven tips on how to navigate this space.

Tweet of the week

TechCrunch's daily briefing for 11/9/2023:

OpenAI blames DDoS attack for ongoing ChatGPT outage

Popular video chat service Omegle shuts down

Funding for robotics startups saw another dip in 2023

Klarna is inching toward an IPO, and it’s not the only one

Creators have mixed feelings about TikTok’s new monetization program

Resource of the week

Astro tutorial

Console.Warren() Podcast
Console.Warren() Podcast
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